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Post by Germangirl » Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:31 am

I feel, there are a lot of very good statements about him from members, that shouldn´t get lost. I will go through the threads to find at least some of them, whenever there is time. Please feel free to do the same.
I think part of his charm is the perceived split personalities.

He once said when he takes on a project he gives it his all, and there is no point in getting Greta Garbo over things (love his turn of phrase). There is a sense of duty in seeing things through with him which I think shows through his approach to acting and his work ethics, because he will go the extra mile and muck in with whoever he works with.

He hates flying and yet look at the air miles he racks up to promote a film, doesn't like heights but will push himself to the limits, is uncomfortable in interviews but will not shirk away from the spotlight.

He will take on roles because they interests him, and won't necessarily appeal to a wider audience, he encourages talent and doesn't just play lip service eg Bailey and Matthew Vaughan neither had directed their own films, he stepped up to the plate in both their films.

When the spotlight is on him he will take a step back and give centre stage to his fellow actors, I've noticed he always lets whoever is with him have their moment too.

I think he's quite amiable with a dry sense of humour most of the time, if he dislikes you or a situation he's polite but detached but he most definitely has a temper, which he doesn't disguise, and only the unobservant will not see his body language and expressions to know when to back off.

All in all DC is an extremely talented and an extraordinary actor, who also happens to be a star and is able to separate what he does with who he is and since he doesn't let us in on his secret therein lies the contradictions.

My two cents.
Re DC's supposedly "taciturn" personality... Those who read his interviews will know he has a tremendous dry wit so no, he is not a miserable sod. Pisceans do have a pre-disposition towards moodiness but that is not always so for every Piscean...It's dependent on the person and their own personality. Like others have mentioned, I think he's just shy and reserved in large crowds. Considering his sensibilities, I do find it surprising that he even goes to these awards ceremonies, especially when he nor a movie he has made is not nominated. Despite his shyness, maybe he just likes to mix with his fellow actors and enjoys a good party. He may be a conundrum on top of an enigma but isn't that why we love unravelling him? Isn't that why we love him at all? Who was it who said a woman would do anything to a man who is mysterious??! :wink:
It was his choice to not bend his head and get the press´darling (even at his humble beginnings) and that´s their way to say Thank you - they are pretty merciless. I remember the QOS press conference. In one paper they had a laughing pic of him in the morning, two hours later, they had it replaced with one of the serious ones of him.

I don´t even think, he ever considered playing it differently for the sake of better press. He is not selling out in that way or any other - and that´s what we love and I feel - for the larger picture, it will turn out to be the right decision. If he continues to do what and how he does it, he will be very well respected in the end. In many ways he already is - reading the other Bond boards confirm that.

If we look close, he is getting good press, too - but the eye always rather catches the bad stuff than the good. I think he will be exactly where he wants to be at one point, if not already he is now.

Being able to choose the stuff he wants - make it happen and not give a damn what it does to his career - only if it is a story he wants to tell or if it is a director he wants to work with or a way of filming he hasn´t done yet. (I think that´s the case with Tin Tin - Spielberg and Motion capture)...

He is just a good man - a rare species...
There is a marked difference between an actor and a "celebrity". Some actors can be both, some can't. Another one that cannot do the celeb thing very well is Sir Anthony Hopkins, another amazing actor who considers it to be (as he once said) "his job". He is notoriously difficult to interview and is renowned for not liking red carpet events and fluffy interviews.

I don't think Daniel will ever be a "celeb". He's been a real actor for too long and 3 years after CR, if he has not bought into the "celeb" circus now, I doubt he ever will (thank heavens!). I hope he never does buy into that rubbish. I, for one, would mourn the loss of the serious actor who is, as mentioned, excited about his craft.....and who sees it as a craft and not a money-making exercise.

While I'm having a quick rant ( :wink: ) I do get irritated with the reporters who say he looks miserable! It is that "celeb" thing again! The idea that one should grin like a cheshire cat with botox to the cameras. To me, even though he is not perpetually smiling, neither is he miserable. He has a naturally pouty mouth and heavily-lidded eyes. The combination means that if he is not actually grinning or talking, his naturally composed face just looks calm and serene. A comparison of the thousands of photos of him shows only too plainly the times when he actually is annoyed or miserable, it dang well shows!! But most of the time he is just composed and professional.

I also get irritated that mainstream press so often pick the photos where he looks like that rather than the larger number of photos out there where he is smiling, laughing and talking. One only has to look away from the posed shots to the action shots on red carpets where he is interacting with his fans to see that he is actually not miserable but just posing with a composed face when in front of the cameras for the set shots.

I just get annoyed that he gets labelled as "miserable" or "difficult" when he is just a human being, not a vacant vacuous "smile machine". One of the things that has kept me interested in him for so long is that he is a real human being who just wants to share his talents with those who are interested and who want good movies and theatre. Thanks heavens he is enough of a show-off to share that talent. I'd trade that for a perfect vacuous smile any day of the week. :)

Sorry....rant over. :oops: :oops:
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The top notch acting in the Weisz/Craig/Spall 'Betrayal' is emotionally true, often v funny and its beautifully staged with filmic qualities..


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Post by Germangirl » Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:33 am

Very well said! And that's the reason why I am admiring him.
He's so enthusiastic and excited about acting, you can sense it in every interview which is a bit serious. I first recognized this (and forgive me that, but he was under my radar before CR :wink:) in the interview with Parkinson, when he talked about Paul Newman. Daniel was so in awe for this man, who was capable of being that excited about acting even in his 70th. And he said that he would be very happy if he could achieve that.
That says it all, his aim is not shuffle as much money and fame as possible, but being excited about his work even when he's getting older and was doing that for many many years and not being bored as he stated in one interview with Anne Curry.
So I think, he's attending this kind of circus, cause it is part of the job and he's a very professional actor and no primadonna. Maybe he's enjoying it to a certain extend, but he would prefere staying apart from that menagerie/zoo, if only he could.:lol:
I'm American and I love America, but we just don't get reserved people. We think something is wrong with them. The only British personalities we tend to get are the hopeless befuddle Hugh grant type, or the smart and fiercely witty Hugh Laurie, but those sweet shy Brit boys get overlooked, so we miss out on the passion that all that shyness conceals.

Also another note. I don't think Dan has a fear of big crowds so much as he is just an introvert as opposed to an extrovert. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying he is unsociable like most people think when they hear the word introvert. What I mean is that he prefers quiet peaceful settings, a slower pace and more intimate gatherings. It is not a fear, but a preference. I feel may not be quite fair to place judgement and diagnose him with disorder when he may just plain not like being in a circus. Another famous, and notably, introverted actor is Robert De Niro. He rarely does interviews, shies away from the circus of Hollywood, and like Dan he is a brilliant actor who can lose himself in role. De Niro, like Dan, is also fiercely protective of his privacy, family and friends. And he got into acting, not for the fame, but for the sheer joy of the craft.
Not everybody can be outgoing a gregarious nor should they be.
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The top notch acting in the Weisz/Craig/Spall 'Betrayal' is emotionally true, often v funny and its beautifully staged with filmic qualities..


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Post by Germangirl » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:10 pm

Are you interested in me doing this? No need to just be polite - if nobody says anything, I know and stop - no harm done :wink:
The top notch acting in the Weisz/Craig/Spall 'Betrayal' is emotionally true, often v funny and its beautifully staged with filmic qualities..


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Post by bumblebee » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:43 pm

A good exercise and an excuse to keep posting your avatar! Thanks.

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Post by Anglophile » Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:17 am

Germangirl wrote:Are you interested in me doing this? No need to just be polite - if nobody says anything, I know and stop - no harm done :wink:
No no, keep collecting these, they should be preserved for posterity :wink:
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Post by 007Mania » Thu Feb 26, 2009 3:29 pm

Germangirl wrote:Are you interested in me doing this? No need to just be polite - if nobody says anything, I know and stop - no harm done :wink:
That's a really good idea! :D So such statements doesn't go under in the different threads.
Oh, Mr. Bond!
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Post by livetwice » Thu Feb 26, 2009 3:59 pm

Good idea GG.. :wink:
You only live twice or so it seems..
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Post by plaka » Thu Feb 26, 2009 8:30 pm

Its great reading these GG.

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Perfect posture, perfect profile, perfect grooming, perfect poise.....perfect photo of a perfectly beautiful man. Wow.........
About "Power of One"
This movie holds a special place in my heart. I know he is playing a horrible character, but this was the first time I laid eyes on him and he's haunted me ever since. So young, so confident, so talented. Bless him.

Here's what caught my eye and captured my heart.

When he accompanies Colonel Bretyn to see Professor Marais, there is no introduction to who he is. My eyes did slide sideways to him because he "crackled". I can't explain it better than that. To me some actors "crackle" (it's purely a male thing). But at that point he was just a side-order to Colonel Bretyn and I was invested in what nastiness Marais had in store for poor PK.

The next couple of glimpses we get of him he is still just a cop trailing PK, but he manages to convey a growing sense of unease. There is something else about him other than a cop who is just doing his duty, there is an aura of malice in what he is doing that is conveyed with no words, just a very subtle expression in his eyes and playing around his mouth. I must have been a bit slow at that point, because having not read the book before seeing the film, I had not cottoned onto him actually being Botha as an adult.

The "money shot" came for me in the headmaster's office when that crackle grew to a sizzle. The turn of the head and the lop-sided and evil smirk when he sees that PK recognises his name and catches sight of the swastika tattoo on his arm. It is enough to register that this is the grown-up version of PK's childhood bully, and he means to do serious harm. This was a pivotal moment. If whoever was playing the adult Botha had not delivered on that one menacing look, then that particular strand of the story would have been weakened. As it turns out, Daniel delivered with such force that his strand of the story ended up, (imo) stealing the rest of the movie. (Up until that point, for me, the movie is owned by the fabulous Morgan Freeman)

Okay, at that point it could have been just an accident of the actor's looks; after all, who knew who that blond guy was? No way of knowing if he had just been blessed with a face capable of giving a wicked smirk or if he was acting wicked and doing it very well.

But then....the sizzle grew to a deafening roar. Daniel's first lines. He strutted into the boxing club, his gait showing violence tightly leashed, his voice blazing with hatred and vitriol, his eyes glaring menace and intent. I can still remember literally holding my breath waiting to see what he was going to do with all that anger pouring from every sinew. What came next was shocking and violent. When I analysed it afterwards, I could not help but wonder at how well he did that scene. He summed up Botha's lifetime of hatred and bigotry in a scene that lasted just 85 seconds. The others, all competent actors, were just satellites around his portrayal of madness as he took out Gideon's eye.

Starting with torching the boxing club and ending with his final death in the dirt at the hands of Gideon, what follows is Daniel's carefully disciplined enactment of rage pelting headlong into murderous revenge. It takes a good actor to make an audience believe in love, but it takes a great actor to make an audience believe in hate. It is an emotion which is so easy to over-play and make unbelievable. Who knows from where Daniel drew that depth and discipline so early in his career to allow him to give such a consummate portrayal of hatred.

With the beauty of hindsight, I have always thought that this was a good early role for Daniel. It allowed him to show something which I believe is his personal trademark, his control. He has an ability to tightly master everything about himself in front of the camera, his body, his voice, his face, his emotions. He is a joy to watch, especially in those roles where he truly flexes his acting muscles.

I think this is a much under-rated film anyway, the twin themes of hatred and racism on the one hand and human endurance and persistence on the other are more than adequately depicted. But the film was made for me by Daniel. His was only a smaller supporting role, but he stole the show. For me, he soared across that screen in a blaze of arrogant and confident glory. I do enjoy watching other actors, but there is only one Daniel Craig and for me, The Power of One was where it all started.

My favourite lines from the movie:
Marias: "Laws define right";
PK: "But do they always define justice"?
Sums up the whole movie!!
Because he is so "drop-dead gorgeous" every photo has something sexy about, I think it is impossible to pick just one or two. But, trying to step back and take the long look, to me the sexiest thing about Daniel is his attitude to his craft.

So, I hope picking two photos will okay. One from the start of his career and one from 2006. 14 years apart, to me they exemplify his oft-quoted line: "I always wanted to be an actor. I had the arrogance to believe I couldn't be anything else".

In both shots he is looking at the camera with a calm and quietly arrogant confidence that says: "I own this moment" and that is sublimely sexy, a man in control of an enormous talent - - - and he knows it.
The top notch acting in the Weisz/Craig/Spall 'Betrayal' is emotionally true, often v funny and its beautifully staged with filmic qualities..


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Post by Germangirl » Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:57 pm

I love your description "his Puppy years". That is so descriptive of how he was, just like a young cuddly puppy. Okay, he played some evil roles when just a Puppy (and played them so well !), but he was still the sweetest thing going (even with regretable hair styles!!). Couldn't believe it when I read this thread, loads of others here who also like his "love-handles"

He blew me away in The Power Of One and has spoiled me for pretty much any other actor ever since. Just a young one, not long out of drama college, he strutted across that screen with fire, energy and a finely-tuned control that lesser actors can only dream about.

Since then, unlike others along the way, he has not disappointed. There have been movies and projects that perhaps did not show him at his best, the dreadfully dull Invasion for example. But no matter what the constrictions, he somehow manages to turn it around and and please the audience. It says something when you read the critics, and when faced with a dead duck like Invasion, they criticise the film and then say things like:- "But Craig, as usual, was excellent"; or words similar.

Yes, he is absolutely gorgeous and like you, I cannot see what people like Ross mean when they say "craggy". If Ross is trying to say that Daniel is not picture-perfect pretty, then he is right. But it is the idiosyncratic make-up of Daniel's face which gives it such devastating charisma and which so wonderfully reflects his down-to-earth and likeable personality. With so many actors, especially many of the pretty-boy ones, I always feel like the lights are on, but there is no-one home. We know that is not true with Daniel. He may have left school at 16, but he is no-one's fool. He is a smart, deep-thinking and savvy man. We don't have to take our own instincts on this, there have been enough people out there who actually know him, and who in public sing his praises for the kind of genuine gentleman that he is away from the spotlight and in his private life. And yes, his body is magnificent, and it is obvious he has always worked hard at keeping himself in shape. He was as physically appealing 15 and more years ago as he is now, albeit a rather leaner shape!

But none of those things in isolation can account for the phenomenon which is Daniel Craig. There is something about him up on the screen which wipes out any other actor. He totally dominates the screen. When I go to see him at the cinema, I have to go at least twice, because the first time I am watching him, and I miss everything and everyone else unless they are actually interacting with him. The last actor who, imho, had that kind of charisma was the wonderful late Steve McQueen. Not only are there the obvious physical similarities between the two, but they both know how to act without over-acting. What they don't say or don't do on the screen is as important, if not more so, than what they do say or do. That is the mark of a great actor, imo. It is total and complete control over his actions, voice and body which enables Daniel to embed the character he is playing into the viewer's head; to give the viewer a ring-side seat to the heart of character. How otherwise can this man play, and make one believe in, characters as diverse as Ray in Some Voices, the murderer Perry Smith in Infamous, hard-man Bond in Quantum of Solace and Ted Hughes in Sylvia, and have us all believing that he is that character.

The only other actor of the same generation to ever come close for me is Viggo Mortensen, another one who has specialised in difficult and challenging roles. But as good as he is, I still feel even he cannot hold a candle to Daniel. I also love Johnny Depp, something my husband and I share; Johnny Depp being his favourite actor. But. But. But. When I want Daniel, no-one else will do, and on goes the DVD player and in goes an hour or two of joy in watching the ultimate actor. He is the best of the best. I cannot imagine the time ever coming when I will not be following his work and just, quite simply, having the joy at admiring a truly magnificent man, in all meanings of the word.
YAY! I've finally managed to snag a few snapshots - Red carpet activity was amazing, well staged and choreographed by all media involved. Quite an impressive onslaught of notaries. My heart skipped a beat when I caught a glimpse of DC....split second on the red carpet - boo hoo....since it's an American thing, not much focus on him but they did mention that "James Bond" had just arrived. :roll: I was pleasantly surprised to see another glimpse of him sitting near the front row....couldn't see Sats but there he was in all his blond stud-muffin finest....hair has grown out a little more since the last outing....perfect.

And even better, they introduced him as DANIEL CRAIG and Sarah Jessica Parker to the front of the stage, no "Bond" intro....PHEW! Plus...he stuck around to present THREE awards!!! Double YAY! Once again, his nervousness got the better of him and he spoke too fast and fumbled a tiny bit....but I don't care.....he got to stay up there for a while to allow us to feast our eyes upon him!!!! Sarah who? Not even that giant bouffant and corsetted creation could keep my eyes off of him. Tough job to do Ms. Sex-in-the-City come fashionista.....you're standing beside Mr. GQ-bespoke-suit himself! (not necessarily an accident, eh?)
But now I realize he's just a force of nature who has touched so many lives. I have been reading through the site and I have to say you ladies are very thorough. There is a picture for every body part, hairstyle, mode of dress, and even mood. I'm impressed. I've spent more time on this site in two days then I would ever admit to. I'll just wrap it up by saying the thing I love about Dan is that he sneaks up on you and knocks you out cold. I'd seen him in so many things and never thought twice about him. It wasn't until I saw CR for the second time that something just clicked. Now I'm hooked.
The top notch acting in the Weisz/Craig/Spall 'Betrayal' is emotionally true, often v funny and its beautifully staged with filmic qualities..


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Post by poppy » Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:42 pm

keep 'em coming :D
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Post by sharmaine » Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:31 am

I think this is a good idea....only one thing I'd like to suggest is perhaps CAPITALIZE the title so it's easy to find....and instead of Member DC musings.....may I suggest...."MEMBER DC QUOTE ARCHIVE"


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Post by Germangirl » Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:33 am

Do we perhaps sometimes ignore Daniels acting abilities in favour of his physical attributes? Oh God, who cares! Here I go again! Those eyes, those lips and the magnificent body cannot be disputed. I sometimes find myself musing on what it is that makes him so attractive, especially when people like Jonathan Ross refer to his features as being “craggy”. Replace “craggy” with “charismatic” then you may have something. As we have discussed many a time before, I was blown away by Daniels performance in ‘Casino Royale’. The sheer animal magnetism and masculinity of his presence on the screen was something to behold. I had never witnessed anything like this before. So I was humbled when I had to admit that actually, he was a damn good James Bond. Watch me willingly succumb to a myriad of emotions and passions as I fell head over heels in love with him. He was so unlike any other man I’d ever been impressed by. In my search for a muse to inspire me creatively, he fitted the bill perfectly. I could never stand in the cold and rain for hours in Leicester Square for Tom or Johnny. He was the only one I had to see.

I was also chagrined once again when I discovered his worth as a talented actor. In my bid to see as many of his movies as possible, I discovered many celluloid wonders, little gems that were made even more special by the grace of his presence. I know I don’t need to list them all since we all know the great ones, the ones that demand repeated viewings and the ones that we are still waiting with bated breath to see. If Daniel can continue to make movies like ‘Quantum of Solace’ and ‘Defiance’ then we will all be exceedingly spoilt. Movies that show-case his skills as an actor, his willingness to perform his own stunts and also his breathtaking beauty will always be gratefully received. For now, he is Mr Wonderful or Doctor Fabulous. Anything he does is good and we are all eagerly waiting for more. We only wish we could have more of this gorgeous and brilliant man. Addiction be damned. Give us all we want and more and give it to us now! My only problem, as I see it, is that there are many brilliant movies out there that I would quite like to pay a visit to the cinema to see. Unfortunately, when there is a Daniel Craig movie showing, as is currently the case with ‘Defiance’, I cannot bring myself to watch anything else. I fear I may be blinkered but I just don’t care. I just love and adore Daniel Craig. How dare he be so amazing? How dare he inspire and move us all so eloquently? He would blush and squirm if he were to read such passionate epithets. He may even tell me, in a jovial tone, to ‘fuck off’. No, he doesn’t take compliments too well. He’s trying but it’s hard for him to be so egotistical. I only hope such words would make him smile for I have no regret or hesitation in saying them. I’m afraid Daniel, it’s just tough. You are Great. Deal with it. The love your fans have for you isn’t going anywhere but watch out. We’re gonna start cracking that whip, urging you to go back to the movie set as soon as possible. Another twelve months without at least news of a new film from you is purely unthinkable. You will remain a valuable part of our lives for the foreseeable future.
About his interviews..
Are we asking too much of him, expecting too much with comparisons to others that have come before? This is all new to me so I have nothing to compare it to.

Is he guarded? Yes, and I’m always pleased when it is expressed. Good for him, when asked about his conversations with his daughter, or the Queen for that matter, and his response is ‘that’s between me and [them].’ Whether the jewelry he’s wearing was a gift… ‘None of your [f***ing] business.’

Is he unamused by the same inane questions? Damn right he is. But he hasn’t complained publicly. I think he’s doing a damn good job putting on a great public face, albeit drawn and serious at times. This is all new to him; it’s only been a year. He’ll either figure it out, or he won’t. But this is what we get, like it or not.
This is one of the reasons why I like him actually. I have no tolerance for attention seeking celebrities who cannot wait to share their stories with the whole world. I like him keeping things to himself. As long as he continues to make good movies and show up occasionally in premieres, awards and film festivals, I am happy. The best way he can reward a fan like me is to make good movies and avoid tabloid coverage. :D
His "seriousness" is back to what it was last year. Thinking about it, it might be just the Daniel - way to be - I mean, he always just IS, not bothering to laugh or smile (or indeed do things just for the sake of it) if he doesn´t see the need or only because people are expecting it (like us).

I do like this in him very much, because I admire people, who can do this, staying true to themselves - even more so, if its done in the face of the (very merciless) world.
He is a very complex mixture - perhaps only at ease and showing that supremely confident physical presence when he is acting. He can dance, sing, make love, fight, ride horses, do accents, the whole range of skills with enormous grace and yet he is a bundle of nerves faced with an interview - shy and reticent about opening up too much.
I like the way he insists on privacy and hope he preserves it. Few journalists dare to raise his private life with him. What does upset me is that such an intelligent man is so hesitant in expressing ideas and opinions; it comes with the increasing pressure of fame, because he can put a foot wrong so easily it's better to clam up. In interviews where there is a degree of informality - like the one on the Bond set with Jonathan Ross, he can be quick and witty, perceptive and a great deal of fun.
Funny, isn't it, how you sit tensely and watch him talking, just willing him to relax and do well. Whatever his flaws, everyone he works and plays with seems to like him. A nice guy as well as an attractive one.
You have a point there... He has said himself that he can't take on a "public" persona when he is interviewed etc. He is what he is. And it is one of the great things about him!

There are differences though, I think. He thrives on more serious interviews, when he gets a chance to express views/ideas/opinions (and sometimes, you hear the same answers to the repeated questions!), but tends to be a bit more reserved in situations where he is expected to be funny or the interviewer is overtly funny - Jonathan Ross and last year's Letterman show. One of the few really relaxed funny shows was actually the Regis and Kelly he did last year.

I guess it is always easier if you know where the situation is leading, that you can trust things to go the way you think they will go.
...I too appreciate Daniels discretion, his maturity about his superstar status and the way he handles himself in public. Boring?? Unlikely. He is taking the whole mad celebrity thing with great dignity and decorum and that only gives him extra "Brownie Points" in my eyes. It's a refreshing change to have an extremely talented and handsome actor being so calm about his place in the world. If anything, it's actually a little maddening that he can be TOO MODEST and will give anyone else credit or compliments for their work before he accepts it himself. It will hopefully mean that he finds longevity in the acting world, as opposed to being a 'one hit wonder'. The less you know about someone famous and the more they manage to hold onto their mystique, the more intriguing they become. I believe he just wants to be taken seriously as an actor rather than to be seen as the latest 'pretty boy' to hit the silver screen.

I believe Daniel is a total exhibitionist in many regards, just not with personal relationships. I have read in many places that he is a difficult interview, but I think that is just sour grapes from the interviewers because he doesn't indulge their every inane and invasive question. I can't really blame him even though I want to know EVERYTHING about him like the rest of his half-mad-with-lust obsessive fans. Haha, it gives me a little tingle to read or hear him say it's none of their f*cking business! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his attitude and confidence... and his casual and frequent use of profanity. =)

He is a gifted actor and lovely to watch... as long as he continues to make movies I can't complain about anything else he does or doesn't do.
The top notch acting in the Weisz/Craig/Spall 'Betrayal' is emotionally true, often v funny and its beautifully staged with filmic qualities..


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Post by Germangirl » Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:17 am

I keep thinking, that fate had a real good laugh, when deciding to thrust the Bond franchise upon him.

On the one side - a man, who is in it for the cheer joy of living his art and who would play it as low key as possible..

On the other side, the devil, who shakes his head and says "Not gonna happen, buddy" :lol:

So now, with low key gone, he gave himself to all the unwanted aspects 100% nonetheless. Not always glorious but always with the best attitude he can muster and for me at least with still staying true to himself. Because in spite of what some might think, I see pretty much the real Daniel self on these occasions (interviews and carpets) - otherwise it would be more perfect. :wink: These thoughts are based on the fact, that often enough interviewers are disappointed, because they expect James Bond and get Daniel Craig - a laid back, rather shy persona, who resists to put up a show for them.
If he was not the intelligent and insightful man he is, he would not sex me up so much..,

He is not "classically" handsome, and yet I know very few women who describe him as anything other than handsome and sexy. Even straight men get a "man crush" on him.

It's like Russell Brand said..."He emits summink..." :twisted: It is the eyes and the intelligence there, and the poise...I could go on and on.
He has no pretty boy face, but does this mean that his face is ordinary?This face is rough, expressive, his mouth is very, very sensual and his eyes.....this "composition" has that certain something, far away from being ordinary.

His muscles? Well I like the slimmer look in QoS more than the no neck in CR, but he still has a well defined body. But all this muscles wouldn't turn me on, if there would fail that certain something: this man evaporates sexieness, self-confidence without arrogance, masculinity, virility, beauty all this accompanied with this so lovable down-to earth attitude and this sometime "shining through of insecurity", despite his self-confindence......

I find it most interesting that Daniel's face is so dynamic and three dimensional. The contrast between his face from the front and his profile is testament to that. His profile is stunningly beautiful with great lines, structure and sculptured flow. Not in any way shape or form - ordinary.

There's something that emanates from him that's intangible. And it makes everything about him -- his looks, his voice, his movements - mesmerizing. Whatever "it" is, he's got it. In spades.

I love that he's not obviously good looking, not a 'pretty boy'. He's a man. A MAN, I tell you. We have so few of those anymore.

I love that he seems nervous in the spotlight. He can morph into any character in an amazing way, but hasn´t overcome his shyness yet. With that, he exudes a sort of humbleness, an every-man sort of feeling. He's gorgeous, but he doesn't know it. There must be a history there -- he probably didn't fit in as a kid, and it stayed with him, actually turning out to be one of his best assets.

I also love that he's a thespian, not a "celebrity". He seems to have a passion for his art, with money being an afterthought and fame being a necessary evil. Such a contrast to your garden variety actor.

And finally -- he's effortlessly stylish and sexy. He doesn't have to try. If you need proof of that, look at what he does for a plain ole t-shirt. That's pure sexy, baby.
I agree with all of you. I love the fact, first and foremost, Dan is FEARLESS in front of the camera. Whatever script you throw at this man you will be guaranteed a superb performance, that in itself is the sexiest thing alive. I agree with you all that there is something about Dan that exudes this total manliness that totally, I say, TOTALLY blows you away. I have never seen a man exude that kind of animal magnitism without even trying. I think he is a sweetie in real life and for that I think that deserves the utmost respect, Whatever we all find attractive about him I think we all agree that it is the fact that he seems to be an all round down to earth normal bloke that happens to be famous and hates the fact that he has to bear his soul sometimes. You know what, if he could read this, I think it would scare him to death but in reality he should be so proud that although we all fancy the pants off him underneath ALL of us girlies love that he acts his most gorgeous socks off and thats a shot in the eye to his critics. Go Dan. You could pass wind all the way through your next movie and it would be an oscar winning performance, thats the sub total of your acting talent and we LOVE you for it.
He has that something that je ne sais qoi (French ladies help me out) you just can't put your finger on. Apart from the sexy, good actor all round fabulous human being thing, I think I would like to say that I just think he has - presence- yeah that would describe him - the type of person that would light up a room the minute they walk in. Don't know the man but from what I've seen I think that would describe him oh and the butt, the eyes, the funny things he does when he is nervous and God blimey I nearly forgot the gorgeous thing about him THE GODDAM EYELASHES. I keep going on about them - PLEASE look at them - you just want ot kiss them like in Some Voices.
He smoulders with manliness and sex appeal. Haven't seen this in an actor for years. I must have been blind. Already posted on this one but can't help myself

eyelashes (want to kiss them every day)
eyes (luminous everytime you see them)
the bit between the nose and the lips (hyperspace moment)
neck (oh please!!!)
From the neck to the belly button
Please....the space between the belly button and the top of the legs (what can I say.....perfection).
Now... the legs.....exquisite in every way
The feet - sexy
Arrogance - sexy
shyness - even more sexy
Voice – heavenly
Well done :

-the best for me is, that he is a person, who seems to stay himself in the face of the worlds spotlight. (Here I include even the swearing – just no toning down of attitudes for the sake of being liked and very much how he shows his affection and need for Satsuki)
Its either you like the way I am or you don`t. I don`t give a d***.I always admire people immensely for having the nonchalance and guts to do that.

-caring/protecting the people close to him.
-he is very smart
-devoted actor
-his brave choice of films (whilst taking on Bond for me is the bravest choice of all, considering the kind of person he is)
-stylish (with or without clothes), although for me it might even be with clothes on – I am a sucker for that tux .
-he sticks to his plans (like doing a small film like Flashbacks and for no money, too)
-being true to what he believes and not giving in to money and fame
-for the phrase “There is noting like a free lunch” and again acting in that behalf
-for not being into self promotion (although as I`ve said, just a bit wouldn`t hurt)
-doing charity
-being very mature and wise in many regards (often – not always) Mind you, nobody is that perfect. Often is a very good score IMO
-disciplined – for example being able to stop smoking in a stressy time like shooting Bond, building up that Bond bod in such a short time (going to the gym even after a days shooting), controlling his drinking (like strictly only on weekends during shooting)
-down to earth, level headed, humble
-a very good friend with a watchful eye and an open ear on their behalf.

AND the best of all:

„I guess, they thought I was common as mug“ was his commentary after being turned down twice by that drama school, before getting in on the third attempt.
Maybe after that experience (and probably others before that) he`s come to the conclusion, that he would not succeed on his looks and stripped that completely off his radar.
He needed to work harder and be better than the others, when he wanted to have a chance. And that`s what he did. He learned to develop an inner strength and depend on that rather than looks like so many others. This is maybe what shines through so brightly and lightens up his features so instantly. His face would be nothing to notice if it wasn`t for that obvious soul, those emotions and everything else we see and go gaga over.
That may be a reason why he is so obviously uncomfortable with all that being sexy and gorgeous status. The way he thinks about himself – there is no place for that anymore, it has let him down in his early years and now he doesn`t need it anymore and doesn`t care.

When, in interviews it comes to praising anything but his acting chops, he goes instantly on distance, like “Well if you do this or think that, that`s fine, but…I can hear it in his voice, that he couldn`t care less. Like, don´t you have anything better to do with your time?
He`s understood that fame, affection, praise, success can leave you in an instant and when you don´t have a solid ground to stay on, you will be lost. So that`s maybe why he tries to distant himself from what seems to be just too much right now.
And he`s right. If Bond 22 fails, the haters will be all over him again.

He`s learned to depend on himself solely (more or less), which would explain why he is so egoless. He`s the only one (again more or less) who can or needs to feed that ego. So he can so effortlessly draw upon being cool, vulnerable or whatnot. It`s really there within him and unlike so many others he doesn`t have to pretend its there.
Like it`s said, he seems to feel comfortable in his skin and if one stretches that a bit further it means, he feels comfortable with what he is and again, doesn`t depend on what is on the outside. I imagine that gives you a really great freedom and peace, because you can never loose that – contrary to good looks.
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The top notch acting in the Weisz/Craig/Spall 'Betrayal' is emotionally true, often v funny and its beautifully staged with filmic qualities..


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