Life of Daniel

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Life of Daniel

Post by agrippina » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:22 am


Born in Chester, March 2 1968

Lived upstairs the Ring O'Bells pub at 2 Bellemonte Rd., Overton, Frodsham, Chesire, until divorce in 1972

Attends the Frodsham Church of England Primary School, years 1972-?

Parents divorce when Daniel is 4 years old and he moves with his mother and sister Lea/Lia to central Liverpool, 1972

His mother, Carol, took him to see a play for the first time at the age of 5, 1973

His father, Tim, takes him to see his first Bond movie, Live And Let Die, 1973

His father, Tim, marries Shirley Lewis, 1974

Wrote an essay about his future career plans as an actor at the age of 6, 1974

Announces that he wants to be an actor at the age of 6, 1974

Later moves to Hoylake, Wirral, by 1976

Stage debut in a production of "Oliver" in the Hoylake primary school at the age of 8, 1976

At age of 8 performs on a cruise with his grandparents, 1976?

Attends the Hoylake Church of England Primary School, at least between 1976 – 1979

Moves to Hoylake on the Wirral when he's 9 years old, 1977

Fails his Eleven Plus exam usually taken at the age of 11-12, 1979/1980

Attends Hilbre High School, 1980-1984?

Plays rugby for Hoylake Rugby Club, years?

Performs in school productions of "Oliver" (twice; Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker), "Cinderella" (twice, One of the ugly sisters), "The Crucible" (as Proctor), "The Real Inspector Hound", "Romeo And Juliet" (as Mercutio)

Member of the Heswall Woolgartherers, a local amateur dramatic society, performs in "No More Sitting on the Old School Bench"

Used to rehearse stunt scenes and dying with mates

Receives Ted Hughes' book "Crow" as a 10th birthday present, 1978

Sees Ted Hughes at a poetry reading in Liverpool and is not impressed

The year of the famous Oliver casting session, 1981

Singer in a band called Inner Voices with school friends and make a tape to enter a band competition, 1983

Tries a Foundation Course, but leaves that as well, 1983-1984?

Works in a Hoylake restaurant for cash before leaving for London, 1983/1984?

Auditions for National Youth Theatre in Manchester, sent there by his mother, 1984

Quits school at 16, moves to London, 1984

National Youth Theatre 1984-1989
1985?: "Othello", William Shakespeare, Governor of Cyprus
1986: "Night Shriek", ?, as Malcolm (could this be Macbeth?)
1987: "Troilus and Cressida", William Shakespeare, Christchurch Spitalfields, dir. Matthew Francis, as ?
1988: "The Caucasian Chalk Circle", Bertolt Brecht, as Simon Schachava
1989: "Murder In The Cathedral", T.S. Elliot, Moscow Art Theatre, dir. Edward Wilson, as fourth knight
1989: "Marat/Sade", Peter Weiss, Playhouse Theatre London, dir. Edward Wilson, as ?
1990: "Blood Wedding", Federico Garcia Lorca, Valencia, Spain, dir. Edward Wilson, as Leonardo

Dates Marina Pepper for ca. 6 months when he is 18 years old, date uncertain but possibly in 1986


Guildhall School of Music and Drama ( , graduation year 1991)

Earns his Equity Card by being the Marmite Man, date uncertain

Shooting “The Power of One”, May 20/29 - July 23

Shooting "Anglo Saxon Attitudes", starting September 9

Gets married in Edinburgh (July 2?) at the age of 23 to Fiona Loudon, a Scottich actress/singer

Daughter Ella born in November (?) 1992

Six/seven/eight months out of work at some point?

Shooting “Boon”, date?

Shooting “Covington Cross”, March 1992

“The Power of One” release date, March 27, 1992

"Anglo Saxon Attitudes" TV premiere, May 12, 1992

Shooting "Between The Lines", production ends July 17, 1992

“No Remission”, Midnight Theatre Company, Lyric Theatre (Hammersmith), July 23 - August 15, 1992

Shooting “Sharpe's Eagle”, starting August 6, 1992

“Covington Cross” TV premiere, August 25, 1992

“Boon” TV premiere, September 8, 1992

Shooting “Zorro: A Conspiracy Of Blood”, 1992?


Shooting “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles", 1993?

Shooting “Heartbeat”, 1993?

"Zorro", TV premiere, January 9 and 16

Shooting “Drop the Dead Donkey”, February/March, 1993

“Drop the Dead Donkey”, TV premiere March 11, 1993

“Sharpe's Eagle”, TV premiere May 12, 1993

Shooting “Genghis Cohn”, June 19 - July 16, 1993

“The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Palestine, October 1917”, TV premiere August 14, 1993

“Between the Lines”, TV premiere October 5, 1993

“Heartbeat”, TV premiere October 31, 1993

“Angels In America”, Royal National Theatre, starting from November 20, 1993


Divorces Fiona Loudon, final by December 20?

Shooting “A Kid In King Arthur’s Court”, August 15 - October 10

Shooting "Saint-Ex", starting September 12

“The Rover”, Women's Playhouse Trust, October 19 - November 5

Possibly started working on “Our Friends In The North” in October-December?, auditions at least, starting November 7

Having had little work during the year is in deep financial trouble


Shooting “Our Friends in the North”, until September

“A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” premiere, August 11

Shooting "Kiss And Tell", production year 1995


Has a flat in Highgate, North London

At the beginning of the year, has a stormy relationship with a French actress in London?

Shooting “The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders”, dates?

Shooting "The Ice House", production year 1996

Promotion of "Our Friends in the North", January 9

"Our Friends In The North", TV premiere January 15

Shooting "Tales From The Crypt", February 24-28

"Tales From The Crypt", TV premiere June 21

Shooting “Obsession”, mid July - September 14

Promotion of "Obsession" in Berlin, July 12

Meets Heike Makatsch on the set of "Obsession" during the summer

“Kiss and Tell” TV premiere, November 11

“The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders”, TV premiere December 1


Shooting "The Hunger", production started in 1996?

"Hurlyburly" at the Peter Hall's company, Old Vic, March 25 – April 21

Shooting “Love Is The Devil”, May 5 - June 19

Gets to know John Maybury and Baillie Walsh

"The Hunger" TV premiere, July 20

"Obsession" premiere in Germany, with Heike Makatsch, August 28

Shooting "Elizabeth", September 1 or 2 - December 2

Shooting "Love And Rage", November 10 - January 10, 1998


Lives in a rented flat in West London, Ella and Fiona live in Chiswick, London

Attends Cannes Film Festival to promote "Love Is The Devil", May 13-24

Shooting “I Dreamed of Africa”, August 24 or 29 - November 20

Attends the premiere of "Love Is The Devil" in London, September 16?

"Elizabeth" premiere, October 2

Shooting “The Trench”, starting November 5

Rehearses kitchen work for “Hotel Splendide” in the Savoy Hotel


Has become member of The Colony Room Club in London

Attends the German Film Ball (?) in Munich with Heike Makatsch, January 17

Shooting "Hotel Splendide", February or March - April 1999

Premiere of "Love And Rage" at the Dublin Film Festival, April 15 - did he attend?

"Museum of Memory" TV premiere, June 24

Shooting "The Visitor", starts January 4, but shoot during the summer based on exterior shots

Shooting "Occasional, Strong", date during summer based on exterior shots

Shooting "Some Voices", September 12 - October 22

“The Trench” premiere, September 17

Nominated for Best Actor in the British Independent Film Awards for "The Trench", held October 14 - did he attend the award party?
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Post by agrippina » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:27 am


Lives near Goldshawk Road in Shepherd's Bush

Receives "Shooting Star" as one of the Best Young Actors in Europe by the European Film Promotion , February 5-15

Attends the Berlin Film festival in February to promote "Hotel Splendide", February 5-15

Photoshoot in mid-May?

Shooting "Sword Of Honour", 14 weeks around mid-July

Cast as Alex West in "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", July/August

Shooting "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", July 31 - November 30

Attends the 54th Edinburgh Film Festival to promote "Some Voices" and "Hotel Splendide", August 24

Attends the British Independent Film Awards in London, October 25


"Sword Of Honour" TV premiere, January 2

Cast as Connor Rooney in "Road To Perdition" by director Sam Mendes after he had seen Daniel in "Sword of Honour" on TV (broadcast starting January 2, 2001), January/February

Shooting "Road To Perdition", March 5 - June

Attends the "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" premiere in Los Angeles, June 11

Attends the 12e Festival du Film Britannique de Dinard in France, October 6

Attends the European Film Awards in Berlin, Germany, with Heike Makatsch, December 1


Lives in London with Heike Makatsch, doing up his house

Shoot of "Ten Minutes Older: The Cello", date unknown?

Attends the Golden Camera Awards in Germany, with Heike Makatsch, February 5

Photoshoot for the BAFTA special of The Telegraf, February 23

Shooting "The Mother", June 17 - August

Attends the pre-premiere screening of "Road To Perdition" in Chicago, June 25

Attends press conference for "Road To Perdition"in Chicago, June 27

Attends the "Road To Perdition" premiere in New York City with Heike Makatsch, July 9

Cast as Ted Hughes in "Sylvia", early August?

Attends the 59th Venice Film Festival, Italy, to promote "Road To Perdition" with Heike Makatsch, August 31

Meets Gwyneth Paltrow for the first time at Hotel Cipriani in Venice, late August/early September

Premiere of "Ten Minutes Older: The Cello" at the Venice Film Festival, September 3

Attends the "Road To Perdition" premiere in London with Heike Makatsch, September 18
NB! Laura Symons there for the first recorded time?

Performing in "A Number", September 26 - November 16

Shooting "Sylvia", late October - end of November 2002, January 2003


Attends the premiere of "Anatomie 2" in Germany, with Heike Makatsch, January 27

Attends the BAFTA Awards in London, at least the after party, February 23

Travels to Dublin to watch rugby with his father, maybe in late March?

Attends the Cannes Film Festival, France, with Heike Makatsch, May 18

Photographed with Heike Makatsch in an unknown event, June 15

Shooting "Layer Cake", June 30 - August 31

Attends the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, July 2

Shooting "Enduring Love", September 15 - November 21

Attends the "Sylvia" press conference in London (The Dorchester), October 13

Attends The Times BFI London Film Festival 2003 - British Gala - screening for "The Mother" in London with Heike Makatsch, October 25

Photographed by Helene Christensen for Elle UK on its 18th birthday issue, October

Attends The Times BFI London Film Festival 2003 Closing Gala Night and After Party for "Sylvia" in London with Heike Makatsch, November 6

Attends the premiere of "Love Actually" in London with Heike Makatsch, November 16

Promoting "Sylvia" (and "The Mother") late in the year, probably after wrapping "Enduring Love" in November?

Shooting "Sorstalanság", after December 15


Beach holiday on Mauritius with Heike Makatsch, around January 17

Shooting "The Jacket", January 14 - March 2004

Break-up with Heike Makatsch sometime at the beginning of the year, end of January?

Nominated for British Actor Of The Year at the London Critics Circle Film Awards 2004, Februay 11?

Attended the 76th Academy Awards in Los Angeles, February 29

Affair with Kate Moss, March - April - June?
Goes to New York City with Kate in early April

Photographed in London walking about and talking on the phone, May 15

Photographed in London meeting friends (Sienna Miller, Jude Law, Gary Kemp) in the street, May 19

Attends the Alexander McQueen American Express Fashion Show in London with Kate Moss, June 3

Meets Steven Spielberg in Paris for casting of "Munich", May/June

News about his casting in Munich in the tabloid press, June 13, repeated June 27

Attends a screening of "Farenheit 9/11" in London, June 29

Photographed in London walking with Sam Taylor-Wood, July 7

Photographed for the first time with Satsuki Mitchell shopping in Beverly Hills, August 2

Interviewed during "meetings" in Los Angeles, August?

Attends the 31st Telluride Film Festival, in Telluride, Colorado, September 4

Attends the 61st Venice Film Festival, Italy, September 7

Attends the Toronto Film Festival, Canada, to promote "Enduring Love", September 11

Attends a private screening of "Enduring Love" in New York City, September 13
NB! Photographed with Rachel Weisz.

Junket for "Layer Cake" and "Enduring Love" in London, September?

Attends the premiere of "Layer Cake" in London, September 23

Shooting "Archangel", September - December

"Enduring Love" shown at the London Film Festival, October 26-27 - Did he attend?

Mentioned to be dating Satsuki Mitchell in an interview, November 25

Nominated for Best Actor at the British Independent Film Awards 2004 - did he attend the ceremony, November 30?

Nominated for Best Actor at European Film Awards 2004 - did he attend the ceremony held in Barcelona, Spain, December 11
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Post by agrippina » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:30 am


Lives in northwest London in a Victorian house badly in need of renovation, is a regular in a nearby working men's pub The Bankers Draught

Attends the BAFTA - LA Tea Party ro promote "Layer Cake" in Los Angeles (Park Hyatt Hotel), January 15

Attends the Sundance Film Festival to promote "The Jacket" and "Layer Cake" in Park City, Utah, January 21-27

Attends the Awards of the London Film Critics Circle in London, February 9

Attends the BAFTA Awards in London, February 12

Attends the Elle Style Awards in London, February 15

Nominated for Best British Actor in Empire Awards - probably did not attend the ceremony held in London, March 13?

"Archangel", TV premiere March 19-20

Shooting "Infamous" in the US, April-May?

False reports in the UK on landing Bond, April 6

Attends the 4th Annual Tribeca Film Festival for the "Layer Cake" Premiere in New York City, April 22

Attends the 48th San Francisco International Film Festival to promote "Layer Cake", April 26

Attended the 35th USA Film Festival in Dallas, Texas, as "Layer Cake" was shown, April 28

Attends the "Layer Cake" West Hollywood press conference in Los Angels, April 29

Attends the "Layer Cake" Los Angeles premiere, with Satsuki Mitchell, May 2

Attends a screening of "The Jacket" in London, May 9

Attends Arena 02 Club Awards party in London, June 8

Shooting "Munich" in many parts of Europe, July-August?

Casting as "Ben Driscoll" in "The Invasion" revealed, mid-August

Attends the 11th Sarajevo Film Festival in Bosnia Herzegovina with Satsuki Mitchell, August 19-27

Attends GQ Men of the Year Awards in London (The Royal Opera House), September 6

Alleged fling with Sienna Miller around mid-September?

Bond auditions in mid-September?

Shooting "The Invasion" in the US, September 23 - December

Press conference for "The Visiting" in Washington, DC, September 23

Gets The Call from Barbara Broccoli whilst in a Baltimore supermarket shopping for groceries, ca. October 8-9

Flew to England for the Bond launch on Wednesday, October 12 according to Daily Mail

Bond launch in London October 14 (Satsuki Mitchell present)

Attends the fundraising reception for the launch of the Los Angeles Young Actors Company in Los Angeles, at the British Consular residence, November 6

Nominated for Best Actor at the European Film Awards 2005 (also for Layer Cake) - did he attend the ceremony in Germany?, December 3

Attends a private screening of "Munich" in Los Angeles, December 20


Holidays in Cabo San Lucas (Palmilla Hotel), Mexico, with Satsuki Mitchell, early January

Shooting "Casino Royale" in Europe and the Bahamas, January – July

Attends the Stella Artois Championships at Queen's Club in London with Satsuki Mitchell, June 18

Shooting "The Golden Compass" in the UK late summer/early fall

Seen dining with Nicole Kidman in Berkeley Hotel, London, August 24

Paparazzi photos in London, outside the restaurant Cipriani's with Satsuki Mitchell, October 10

Photographed shopping and taking gas at Maida Vale Tesco Express, London, October 14

Photographed shopping at Fresh And Wild food shop in London, with Satsuki Mitchell, October 23

Promotional tour for "Casino Royale" October - December
Moscow, Russia: opening of Omega store, with Satsuki Mitchell, October 26
Stockholm. Sweden: photocall on October 31
New York City, USA: press conference, November 4
Paris, France: premiere, with Satsuki Mitchell, November 17
Madrid, Spain: photocall, premiere, November 20
Berlin, Germany: premiere, with Satsuki Mitchell, November 21
Tokyo, Japan: premiere November 30
Melbourne, Australia: premiere, with Satsuki Mitchell, December 4
Seoul, South Korea: photocall, premiere December 11

Attends the MTV Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen, Denmark, with Satsuki Mitchell, November 2

Royal premiere of "Casino Royale" in London with Satsuki Mitchell, November 14

Has his London house under complete renovation according to Belga Pictures, November 13

Photo session and interview for W magazine in London, a Saturday a week after "Casino Royale" was released?

Shooting bits of "The Golden Compass" still in November?


Spends his New Year in Yorkshire in the company of Jay Jopling and Sam Taylor-Wood

Attends a preview screening of "Infamous" in London with Satsuki Mitchell, January 7
Photographed leaving the UK to go to Los Angeles, January 12

Seen working out with his own trainer at an Equinox gym in West Hollyood, California, January 14

Seen parking a Jaguar and entering Greenblatt's deli with Satsuki Mitchell, January 15

Seen shopping at The Grove at Abercrombie & Fitch and seen parking an Escalade at the Beverly Hills Juice shop (they had wheat grass shots) so that Satsuki Mitchell could not exit, January 17

Seen lunching at Bristol on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, with Satsuki Mitchell, January 18

Promotional tour of "Casino Royale" continues in Asia

Beijing, China: photocall, premiere with Satsuki Mitchell, January 27
Shanghai, China: press conference, premiere with Satsuki Mitchell, January 30

Reshoots of "The Invasion" in the US in January

Attends the Evening Standard British Film Awards 2007 dinner in London with Satsuki Mitchell, February 4

Attends the BAFTA Awards in London with Satsuki Mitchell, February 11

Attends the Film Independent's Spirit Awards in Santa Monica with Satsuki Mitchell, February 24

Attends the 79th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles with Satsuki Mitchell, February 25

Participates in the Comic Relief charity by performing as himself with Catherine Tate as Elaine Figgis, March

Attends Elton John's and Sam Taylor-Wood's birthday party in London with Satsuki Mitchell, March 13

Buying coffee anfd magazines in London, March 19

Seen in Sherman Oaks, California, exiting a Whole Foods shop, March 29

Seen in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, shopping for wellies and caps, April 3

Paparazzi photos of running errands in London, April 10

Photographed running in the street in London, April 12

New, short haircut around April 10

Seen shopping at Harvey Nichols in London with Satsuki Mitchell, April 14

Reshoots of "The Golden Compass" during the spring, April-May?

Attends the Cannes Film Festival to promote "The Golden Compass" with Satsuki Mitchell, May 17-24

School band tape emerges in Liverpool, May 21

Shooting "Flashbacks of a Fool" in South Africa and the UK, May-July?

In LA with Bond producers and Satsuki Mitchell, June 15

Attends the christening of Sam Taylor-Wood's and Jay Jopling's child in London with Satsuki Mitchell, June 30

Photographed in London visiting a gym, being picked up by a driver and visiting a clinic on Harley Street, July 24

Seen in a pub in Tafarn Pen-y-Bont near Pwllheli, Gwynedd, in North Wales, August 10

Attends the Palio at Siena, Italy, August 16

Shooting "Defiance" in Lithuania, mid-August – mid-November (?)

Photographed in Vilnius getting out of a restaurant with Satsuki Mitchell, August 22 (?)

Attends the National Movie Awards via a videoclip from Lithuania, September 28

Photographed in Lithuania (Vilnius?) walking on the street with Satsuki Mitchell, October 9

Training for Bond 22 starts right after shooting of "Defiance" finishes, October/November

Attends the 12th British Academy's Children's in London, November 25

World premiere of "The Golden Compass" in London with Satsuki Mitchell, November 27

Attends the British Independent Film Awards in London with Satsuki Mitchell, November 28

Attends the "Golden Compass" press conference in London, December 3

Holidays in the Bahamas during Christmas with Satsuki Mitchell

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Post by agrippina » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:32 am


Spends the New Year in North Yorkshire as guest of Jay Jopling and Sam Taylor-Wood, visits a local pub, Blue Lion Inn in East Witton, near Leyburn, January 6

Shooting "Quantum Of Solace" in Europe and South America, January 3 – June 21

Attends the first "Quantum of Solace" press conference in Pinewood Studios, January 24

Attends the launch party of the South American leg of shooting "Quantum of Solace" in Panama City with Satsuki Mitchell, February 8

Break in the shooting between Panama and Chile, visits the Galapagos Islands with Satsuki Mitchell, around March 20?

Premiere of "Flashbacks Of A Fool" in London with Satsuki Mitchell, April 13

Attends the press conference for "Quantum of Solace" in Bregenz, Austria, early May

Attends The Great British Movie Event in London with Satsuki Mitchell, June 17

The Wrap Party of shooting "Quantum Of Solace" in London, June 22

Photographed arriving at LAX with Satsuki Mitchell, July 9

Photographed in Hollywood in a car with California plates and number 002 with Satsuki Mitchell, July 12

Seen at Poggio restaurant in Sausalito having a beer and a snack with a female companion, reported July 22

Holidays in the US after the shoot is over (California, Oregon, visit to Satsuki's family), July

Paparazzi photos with Satsuki Mitchell leaving Saks Fifth Avenue in Los Angeles, July 30?

Attends the premiere of "Pineapple Express" in Los Angeles with Satsuki Mitchell, July 31

Seen in London buying champagne in a Marylebone off-licence, August 9

Shoulder surgery in the US (Johns Hopkins in Baltimore) in early September

Seen in a New York restaurant Nichols restaurant in East Hampton and attends a baptism by accident, September 27

Buys a new flat in London, in the Regent's Park, for reported £ 4 million, early October

Attends the Ian Fleming Tribute in London with Satsuki Mitchell, October 6

Promotion of "Quantum Of Solace"
Moscow, Russia: October 13, photocall, press conference
Stockholm, Sweden: October 14, photocall, press conference
Toronto, Canada: junket, October 16
Beverly Hills, USA: press conference, October 20
Paris, France: premiere October 30
Berlin, Germany: premiere November 3
Rome, Italy: photocall, premiere November 5
Valencia, Spain: photocall, premiere November 6
New York City, USA: Tribeca Film Institute Fall Benefit Screening, November 11
Sydney, Australia: November 15
Tokyo, Japan: November 25

Attends the opening of Sam Taylor-Wood's "Yes I No" exhibition in London, October 23

Attends the BB Electric Proms concert of Oasis with Satsuki Mitchell and Baillie Walsh, October 27

Royal premiere of "Quantum Of Solace" in London with Satsuki Mitchell, October 29

Seen leaving a fish restaurant in St. Martin's Lane in London with Satsuki Mitchell, November 11?

Attends press conference for "Defiance" in Beverly Hills, December 7

Paparazzi photos with an Audi in London, December 12

Videoed in New York City with and unknown man, December 20

Holidays in the Bahamas at St. Barths resort with Satsuki Mitchell and friends, December 25-31

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Post by agrippina » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:37 am


Promotion of "Defiance"
London, UK: premiere January 6
Paris, France: photocall, premiere January 7
New York City, USA: The Cinema Society And Nextbook screening, January 12
Munich, Germany: photocall, press conference, January 16
Rome, Italy: press conference, photocall , January 19

Promtion of Defiance in New York
NBC Today Show, January 13
Comedy Central The Daily Show, January 13
Live With Regis And Kelly, January 15

Attends the Golden Globes preparty in Los Angeles, January 11

Seen lunching with Steven Spielberg in New York City, January 13

Attends 36. Deutscher Filmball in Munich in January 17

Pararazzi photos after lunch in central Rome: Dal Bolognese and the Bardolino hat shop on Piazza del Popolo, January 19

Travels to Los Angeles to start shooting of "Adventures of Tintin: The Secret Of the Unicorn", January 25

Photographed at Chataeu Marmont Hotel (Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood), February 1

Attends the BAFTA Awards in London, February 8

Attends the Academy Awards pre-party in Los Angeles, February 21

Attends the 81st Academy Awards in Los Angeles, February 22

Seen lunching with friends at the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Las Vegas, February 28

Seen in Los Angeles trying to get to dinner at the Mr. Chow restaurant, March 6

Photographed in London, leaving the Ivy Club with Satsuki Mitchell, March 13

Participates in the jury of the First Light Movie Awards, but did not attend the ceremony (March 17)

Attends the opening of a Damien Hirst retrospective in Kiev, in the Ukraine, April 24

Photographed in London arriving at the Ivy Club with an unknown lady, April 28

Photographed out and about in London in sweats, April 29

Attended Liverpool-Manchester football match at Anfield Road with Satsuki Mitchell, May 3

Broadway play "A Steady Rain" with Hugh Jackman, starting September 7, reported May 27, confirmed June 4 by Hugh Jackman

Photographed outside The Ivy leaving the restaurant, June 23

Satsuki Mitchell photographed in Primrose Hill, London, with Laura Symonds, June 30

Photographed (?) at Wimbledon, watching tennis, July 3

Photographed at Primrose Hill, outside his house (?) with Satsuki Mitchell, July 7

Sighting first time for "A Steady Rain" in New York at Primola Restaurant with Barbara Broccoli, July 21

Unannounced visit of Cook County Criminal Courts in Chicago with Hugh Jackman to do research for the play, July 30

Reported having lunched at Jean-Georges restaurant in NYC with Hugh Jackman, August 2

Reported having a new facial hair while having dinner with Hugh Jackman and Barbara Broccoli at 21 restaurant NYC, August 12

Attended a concert by Colin Hay at Hiro Ballroom in NYC with Hugh Jackman, August 22

Casting in the Jim Sheridan movie "Dream House" reported officially, August 28

Photographed meeting Sean Combs (P.Diddy) in front of a Manhattan (office?) building, with Satsuki Mitchell, September 2

Photographed leaving a Manhattan building carrying a Steiner Studios id-badge (possible rehearsal place for the play?), September 3

Photographed walking in the street in NYC with Satsuki Mitchell, September 5

Possibly seen at the Cuckoo Club (at Hiro Ballroom) in NYC, 2nd week of September?

Previews of "A Steady Rain" begin in New York City, September 10

Possibly attended the opening of the Boom Boom Room bar at the Standard Hotel in NYC, September 12

Possibly attended the Kings of Leon concert at The Coliseum in Long Island, September 15 (The Taylor Swift photo)

Premiere of "A Steady Rain"in New York City, September 29

Reportedly had lunch with director Sam Mendes in NYC, October 16

Participates in a charity event, Courage in Concert, in New York's Public Theater, October 19

Attends the 5th Annual Worldwide Orphans Foundation Benefit Gala at Capitale in NYC, with Satsuki Mitchell, October 26

Attended the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame show at the Madison Square Garden in NYC, October 30

Attended the Valentino after-show party at the Boom Boom Room during NYC Fashion Week, November 4

Photographed walking about in NYC with Satsuki Mitchell, November 5

Attended the Bernadette Peters 's "A Special Concert for Broadway Barks Because Broadway Cares", NYC, November 9

Attended Elton John's annual AIDS charity gala in NYC, November 16

Last performance of "A Steady Rain" in New York City, December 6

Attended the Gypsy of The Year show at the Palace Theater, NYC, December 8/9

Probably spent Christmas and New Year's in NYC with several sightings around town, but no photos and few verified reports


Participated in the Hope for Haiti event in LA by answering phones, January 22

Visited Paul Haggis for the Artists for Peace and Justice event before the Radiohead concert with Satsuki Mitchell, January 24

Attended the Radiohead for Haiti concert in LA, at The Music Box, with Satsuki Mitchell, January 24

Shooting "Dream House" begins in Toronto, Canada, January 25

Participation in "Comboys and Aliens" movie as Zeke Jackson unofficially cornfirmed, January 29

First spotting in Toronto, shopping, January 29

Photographed in front of Asuka Japanese restaurant in Toronto, February 13

Possibly attended Liev Schreiber's Broadway play in NYC, last weekend of February

Photographed in Toronto with Satsuki Mitchell, March 7

Seen watching a hockey game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Rangers at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, March 27

Photographed in West Village, NYC, with Satsuki Mitchell, April 3

Seen watching "A Behanding in Spokane" in a theatre in NYC, April 3

Returned to Toronto from NYC on a Porter flight, April 5

Photographed in Toronto leaving his hotel, April 20

Photographed in Toronto (Hazelton Avenue in Yorkville?) picking up NY Times and Guardian, April 24

Satsuki Mitchell photographed with Massy Tadjedin and Katharina Harf at DKMS 4th Annual Gala: Linked Against Leukemia at Cipriani, New York, April 29

Photographed walking on Madison Avenue in NYC with SM, May 3

Attended the MET Ball (Costume Institue Benefit) at the Metropolitan Art Museum, NYC, May 3

Photographed walking on Madison Avenue, NYC, May 5

Photographed leaving a meeting in Hollywood carrying a copy of the script of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, May 11

Meeting with Jon Favreau, Olivia Wilde, and Harrison Ford, May 12

Photographed leaving a Hollywood private residence with a script of The Royal Hunt of the Sun, May 14

Seen at a gay bar Roosterfish in Venice Beach, LA, with a male friend, (probably) May 15

Photographed in an Audi R8 with California plates, May 23?

Reported having bought a TriBeCa penthouse with Satsuki Mitchell, May 27

Seen in NYC at Le Bilboquet restaurant (25 East 63rd Street), May 27

Photographed leaving Samy's Camera, LA, June 1

Reported to have dinner with director David Fincher in LA for negotiations on The Girl With The Golden Tattoo, June 4

Seen at the Tower Bar in LA with CAA boss Bryan Lourd, June 8?

Satsuki Mitchell photographed at the Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, June 10-13

Shooting "Cowboys and Aliens" in Santa Fe, New Mexico and LA, mid-June - late August (NM) - late September (LA)

Participated in the Cowboys & Aliens feature with Harrison Ford and Jon Favreau at the San Diego Comic-Con meeting, July 24

Signing on the lead role of Mikael Blomqvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo reported, July 26

Shoot of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo begins in Sweden, early September, Daniel arrives October 4 and begins work the next day

Photographed in Stockholm's AppleStore, October 5
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Post by Daskedusken » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:53 am

Wow, this was a great detailed reading
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Aragorn wrote:Wow, this was a great detailed reading
I agree with that :D. Wondeful. Where did you get this details from? Especially his chidhood details. Amazing :shock:!

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Post by Thelma » Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:06 am

Wow :shock: thanks a lot Grip Image It must have been a long work! :D

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Here's something else about his life.


And a link: ... 0%26um%3D1

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Post by bumblebee » Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:41 am

Don't mess with Grip! Excellent research.

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bumblebee wrote:Don't mess with Grip! Excellent research.
I won't and I didn't want to :shock: :oops:. Just thought could be interesting as addition.

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Post by 007Mania » Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:46 pm

Image Excellent work, grip! :D
Oh, Mr. Bond!
Image Image

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Post by agrippina » Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:01 pm

Thanks ladies! Part of the credit of editing all the stuff goes to GG for giving her opinion on what to include etc....

I have collected the data from interviews and the rather horrible biographies and the stuff included has some kind of source - I have a rather a large database on Daniel :oops: (Surprise!) There's still a lot to do, in fact...

If you have additional data, correct dates, whatever kind of new stuff to add to the list, so feel free to post in this thread! It would be great! I'll add it to the correct point in the timeline and we'll know more about him than we might even want... (Is that possible?!?! :shock:)

I've also made a collection of dated pics, but that will take a bit more time to get posted than what I have on my hands now... Someday later, I hope!


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- Tim marries Kirsty in the later 80s (?), gets a son called Harry in 1990
- He is a massive supporter of Welsh Soccer team Wrexham FC and has been since childhood. He often puts off filming if Wrexham are playing and he has stated that Dean Saunders, Mickey Thomas, Gary Bennett and Joey Jones are amongst his heroes. In March 2009 Sky Sports filmed Craig attending a Wrexham V Chester derby match in Chester, where Wrexham won 2-0. He is also an ardent fan of Rugby Union
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- On 23 October 2005, Craig signed a five-film contract with EON Productions to portray James Bond
- In 2006, Craig was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
- On 12 June 2008, Craig sliced the top of one of his fingers off while filming Quantum of Solace. The accident was the latest in a string of incidents surrounding the shoot, including a fire at one of the sets in Pinewood Studios, UK; a car crash that left the stunt driver in a serious condition; and an Aston Martin skidding off the roads in heavy rains while being transported to the set in northern Italy and plunging into Lake Garda
- in 2009 Del Monte Foods launched an ice lolly moulded to resemble Craig emerging from the sea

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