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Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:38 pm
by sf2la
Hi, just a peek back into this thread which has closed its curtains along with the play... :cry2: What a financial success (and for the two of them - that's 2/3 of the stars depositing their salaries into the same asset account) and Broadway success. If anyone was disappointed, they could only be disappointed with Nichols' direction as was already identified. They play had a lot of humor, and it seems that the reviewers who were most critical wanted it to be as dark and tension-filled as the original Broadway play. Or something. This was obviously a fresh interpretation.

From seeing the play several times throughout the run, from the first preview to opening night to the closing night, it was like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. I saw both shows on the 5th, but there was a marked difference in the two. There was no doubt that they gave the last one that extra 'umph.' It's difficult to explain but I guess it's giving the afternoon student a solid A to giving that night student an A+ along with a scholarship. All of them. The audience broke out into applause at the end of several, not all, acts. I hadn't seen that since opening night although it certainly could have happened before. The applause at certain but not all acts was appropriate. There were some acts that were outstanding - R&W's together, the restaurant scene, etc., just because the dialogue called for intense acting. Some other acts that were merely excellent didn't receive the applause. D, R, and Rafe were the characters and I had to remind myself that I was watching a play. I certainly wasn't able to say that early in the run. As I've said, I think Rafe was always great. I think Rachel was great (her one gaffe, a critical one, was the over-the-top eardrum-piercing shriek she gave on opening night when she spotted Rafe/Jerry in her bedroom in the final scene.) She was called out for it in the NYTs review and didn't do it again. All the other screams varied, but none were unbelievable after that. But Rachel was awesome. Daniel went from 'hmmm....and he's the stage actor, huh?' to superb. As much as Rafe was great throughout, and he was, Daniel overcame him as the more memorable and stronger actor. I can't say that Rafe wouldn't have been as good in the Robert role as Daniel, but given the two roles, side by side, Daniel's Robert was the more powerful one. He was the stronger male (no pun intended), the alfa male, and really, it was the better part. Exception being that it was not the better part when Daniel wasn't playing it that well. It was the weaker part, the co-star of the play. But when Daniel got it together and stopped 'acting', timed his lines more naturally, said his lines as if they came from his heart and head, the role - and Daniel's performance - were what people would remember. I can say that Rafe has amazing comedic timing and excelled with his character. He played a weaker man. There really is something to what my friend said about how the play was great but she couldn't buy that Rachel would want to have an affair with Rafe when she has Daniel. She didn't find Rafe at all attractive. I would say that if her husband hit her like he did, she may find a less manly-man attractive and safe, so I get it.

There were a lot of differences from night to night. Sometimes Daniel would fall flat on the bed face down as though he were drunk in the last scene after he walks in on Jerry trying to kiss his wife. But then the next time he fell face up as though he wasn't that drunk. It just changed. The lines changed just a bit. Nothing important, but it wasn't always the same. In the same day, Rachel said she went to the bedroom to brush her hair and the next performance she went to comb her hair. Rafe responds to her comment and says he knew she would come in to brush her hair - or when she said, "Comb", he said he knew she would come in to comb her hair. Just little nuance things, but it shows they were engaged in the interactions of their characters and not just spewing lines they had memorized.

As for all of us in the audience who were interested to see R&D together, they did not disappoint. I know they were in their roles (I'm assuming so, anyway, and that they are over their honeymoon period), but seeing her stroke his back, seeing them look at each other before they kiss, seeing him hold her head in his hands as he pulls in for a long kiss, and then seeing the different ways they portray them right before having sex was just hot. Regarding the pre-sex scene (oh why couldn't they have continued that scene????!!!!), on opening night he just kissed her standing up - as is what the playwright calls out for, to him getting on top of her as she's on the sofa (mind you, she is sitting up), to him going through the motions of pulling her pants down before the lights go out, to no longer doing that and just making out with him on top (her still sitting on the sofa) to these last two shows of her stretched out on the sofa and he is on top of her lying down. That's hot. A real takeaway for me, which I've already written about, was how during opening night, Daniel continued to make out with Rachel after the stage had revolved out of stage sight and they were in the dark. They stayed there making out. It just seemed so sensual/sexual and it was obvious that they were a real-life couple in love. Not everyone had visibility into where they were in the darkness. Without a doubt they thought no one could see them. Other performances they got up and changed for their next scene as they have very little time to do so.
Wallace Shawn, the little cute guy from 'My Dinner with Andre' was sitting a few rows behind me at the final performance. He had been at an earlier show I was at 6 weeks ago or so. Mike Nichols came down from his seat to speak with him. Mike sat back where he did during previews Center Orchestra, probably 12 rows back or so.

There's nothing more to report, really. I will miss the daily videos and tweets and just knowing his whereabouts. I imagine his hair is cut but to a nice length. I can't thank SG, Alina, Cass, GG, etc. enough for their postings. I wish I could some way. Where would we be without them?? Depressed - that's where I'd be!! Oh, another takeaway, as I've already expressed, is just how beautiful (add every positive adjective available to that - strikingly, unusually, unworldly) Rachel is. I didn't think real people could look like that except in magazines when they are all Photoshopped out. And what's important to the play is that she is that beautiful. That's what started Jerry's advancements toward her. Her beauty overwhelmed him. He had a long dialogue telling her about her beauty saying he would be in the state of catatonia without her. He was bowled over by her beauty. So whoever played the part had to be a beautiful woman, and who better than Rachel. Too, I was surprised how uneasy she was at the stage door. It was surely not her thing at all. I thought she would like the attention, but clearly she didn't. She didn't appear rude at all, just very uncomfortable. When she did stage door it early on she was very quiet and very shy-like. I get the feeling that she is more of a 'regular' person who isn't used to and doesn't understand the kind of attention she was getting behind the barricades. Too, she'd be looking at doing that for 14 weeks, so she was smart to cut it off early on.

The only negative experience I walked away with is this whole bodyguard thing. CC did a good job grabbing Playbills from the back and handing them to Daniel to sign, but his aura and bodyguard purpose is is a real turn off to me. Daniel has put up a wall between regular people and himself. I know he may be tired of people approaching him, but I dislike people who put themselves on pedestals and think they are better than everyone else, and this relationship with CC (and his staff) foster that. Maybe Daniel has death threats, I don't know, but CC looks at everyone like they are packing heat and ready to fire. Just check out the videos. His eyes dart around into people's eyes like he is protecting our President, but he's protecting a celebrity from fans behind a barricade. I don't just turns me off. I don't need anyone to presume I'm a dangerous person - and around a celebrity - come on. Especially to see that he is no more than 2 feet from Daniel at any time. Obviously that 's what someone thinks is required for Daniel, but it's a turn off for me. It's as though Daniel doesn't go anywhere without him anymore. I prefer the Daniel that pulled his own luggage off the carousel and had to take his shoes off through airport security like everyone else. But if I could pay to avoid that like he can, I would, so I don't blame him for that. He's still gorgeous and still seems to be a wonderful person, but that moat between regular people and his movie star self has become huge. The riches or spoils of success. To end, I think if CC had stood back, let Daniel do his thing and then help him get into the car, etc., that would have been fine. It was how if Daniel took a step, CC took a step. The secret service stuff was way too much for me to understand, especially since there were NYPD officers there anyway for crowd control, etc.

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:09 pm
by CockHargreaves
Wow, SF, thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories with us. As someone who had no chance of going to see the play (it might as well have been on the moon!) it's fascinating to read about your impressions and the changes that took place during the play's run. One thing I've decided after reading it is that if I ever get a chance to see him on stage, it will be towards the end of a run rather than at the beginning. I want to see him at his best if I ever do see him perform live.
I take your point about the bodyguard. I guess we've never had to walk in Daniel's shoes so we don't know what that stems from. He gave every impression of being happy to see the fans, even though he was pretty quick signing the playbills and didn't linger.
It is indeed wonderful that the play was a success. I hope they all enjoyed doing it and that it will lead on to great things for all three of them. Recognition would also be nice in the form of awards - time will tell, I guess. I expect it was particularly satisfying for them being able to work so close to home and not have to travel away from Rachel's son. I believe Rafe's family were in NY too.
I know others on here will share my gratitude and appreciation for you helping us imagine the performances and atmosphere so clearly. It was the next best thing to being able to go there. Thanks again :blowkiss:

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:37 pm
by sf2la
Thanks very much, CockH. Yes, that's a huge takeaway for me, too - if you're only going to attend one performance of a show, get tickets during the last third or quarter of the run, and try to get a ticket to the final show. I'm sure they wish the critics would have come along later to review the play. Maybe the critics helped reset some aspects of the play's direction. Still, the actors' performances should have been at their peak throughout the run, and here I'm just really calling out Daniel. Rachel and Rafe were spot on. It would be interesting to know what he thinks about his performance. Without taping it and seeing it back, I wonder if he was aware?

BTW, I'm trying to upload a video to Sendspace and it's taking forever. It's just a short stagedoor video and I've been waiting for 3+ hours and it says there are 3 more! I'm at Starbucks and have to get out of here. I may have to bail in the next few minutes... aargh.

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:01 pm
by Germangirl
Thanks so much, great read.
Reg the first performance...wasnt he still ill? Maybe thats why he wasnt good.

Reg cc...I remember him being the same for ASR. He was almost like his siamese close. Maybe thats how he does hos job. The airport shoes scene was long after. But yes all in all I dont understand ccs way of handling this either. Even more so, as Daniel is not afraid of getting close to the people. Who knows, what the reasons are. Of one thing I am sure though, he will never think of himself as being better tben others. Whatever the motivation, if there is one, this is not it IMO.

He wasnt out there for long, but when he was he seemed to be willing to make it pleasant.
Thanks again for the reports.

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:44 am
by cassandra
Thank you so much Sf for taking the time to post your final report on ‘Betrayal’, which I really enjoyed reading. I should like to join the others in thanking you for all your reports over the last few months. It is interesting that you found the performances of Rachel and Rafe to have been more consistent than Daniel’s throughout the play’s run. When the play opened I know you were a bit underwhelmed by Daniel’s performance and I must admit I felt disappointed when I read your first review. What lifted my gloom was the review from Dominic Maxwell, the chief theatre critic of The Times. He bought a ticket in the first week of preview and broke with convention by effectively publishing a review before the official opening night. I inwardly cheered when I read the following paragraph:
‘We are used to Craig, as Bond, suggesting all sorts of internal life to a clenched, determined man. It turns out to be a transferable talent: he is pretty much the perfect performer of Pinter. He brings out the vulnerability of his pugilistic cuckold, Robert, in a way I’ve never seen any actor manage. I didn’t applaud Craig’s entrance, but at the curtain call I cheered.’

Critics and audiences responded differently as was seen by the mixed, but mostly positive, reviews. I guess those disappointed by Nichol’s production had differing expectations, in some cases based on previous productions of the play. Anyway, there’s no doubt now that the latest Broadway production has been a great success and the cast did a terrific job. You were very lucky to have seen the play, particularly the final performance when the cast gave it their all.

I realise that Daniel seems to get on well with CC but I think he should leave him behind if he’s going to act like a heavy. After all, excited fans outside the stage door hardly pose a threat, especially with a police presence there. That guy (Silver Fox ?) who was sometimes on duty during ‘A Steady Rain’ had a lighter touch. There did not appear to be many pics of Rafe signing autographs.

I must go now as I have to be up early to go to work. The journey takes much longer than usual as there has been a lot of flooding in our region. Goodnight!

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:04 pm
by cheryl1700
SF sometimes it takes a long time to upload, but usually when it is that long it could be that you have a video that is too big to upload to sendspace.
Check on sendspace the max video you can upload. You can still wait and see but from my experience when it does that, it will come right to the end of the video and then tell you it is too big a file to upload, i may be wrong, as it is almost a year since uploading a vid. Hope you manage it though :D

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:54 pm
by Alina
SF, thanks a million for this wondrfrul wrap-up of the "Betrayal time" :) I immensely enjoyed reading your report, I aprreciate all the details and observations concerning different performances, they are invaluable for someone like me, who didn't have the opportunity to see the play - now I feel as if I had actually, thanks to all your reports and the reviews posted by the other "lucky ones".
Damn, why don't they do a play in London? Maybe they will one day, I hope.

PS Regarding cc - well, I don't know why Daniel needs a bodyguard, but I don't think he's putting himself on a pedestal and I don't think the success, however sudden, went to his head. He doesn't seem this kind of man. He's always struck me as a very modest, unassuming, self-deprecating and self-effacing person. Maybe he needs cc because he still feels uncomfortable among crowds of people and he needs cc to be his "curtain wall"?
I'm sure he has some valid reasons, and vanity is not one of them, imho.
And maybe he just doesn't realise that cc is sometomes too "protective"? :wink:

Anyway, thanks again SF for the great read. I'm really grateful you made time to post it. I'm looking forward to your pics or videos :blowkiss:

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:36 pm
by Germangirl
Imo cc has become his man for everything, he doesnt want to do himself. A paid servant, who drives him etc. Problem at the sd is, in my book, that cc has an ego problem, acti.g like he is indeed responyible for the president. I didnr notice a difference in Daniel, when he was not around. Now why doesnt he tell him to bug off? I believe, he rarely interferes with other peoples way of doing tbeir jobs. In all he seems to do, he seems to concentrate and being just resonsible for himself.

BTW...I believe insurance asks for bgs in certain situations. Others might just handle it less seriousness. The man needs to lighten up.

Written on my smartphone. Terrible...


Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:57 pm
by honeyjes
Thanks SF and all who made this an engaging, enjoyable and interesting time to follow Mr Craig.

On a more serious note, if the President and Pope can get shot surrounded by the best who are we to judge what is and isn’t appropriate security for someone else. CC may lack finesse but there is a reason for his presence. It only takes a split second to harm someone and like it or not there is someone out there looking for their 5 minutes of fame least we forget, Lennon, Seles and his friend Jackman who has a stalker.

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 2:24 am
by caramel
Thanks for recapping your wonderful experience, sf :D
Its a treat for me to read it.

Yeah I want to see his acting on stage and all that but lets be real here.....I am bummed that I couldn't see my fav couple make out .. ;) :lol:

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:03 am
by sf2la
Thanks, Jes, and I know. That why I wrote that maybe he has death threats, but to me that would be the only excuse. CC's behavior is just over the top. You have to realize that there are about 6-8 NYPD officers outside the theater (including a few former or working a side job at CC's company.) There are security cameras outside, too. Lennon was shot in 1980. Life goes on for ohers. One could have easily pulled a gun on DC if they wanted to outside the theater, just like they could at any stage door performances, which are nightly and with names as big or bigger than DC's. CC's dispicable, suspicious eyes on the crowd wouldn't have stopped a fly swatter. If you didn't look at CC, you wouldn't have noticed. If you looked at him, it made it almost demeaning to be in the crowd. DC is not our President or Vice President. He is a movie star. Big whoop in the big scheme of things. Here we have what we think is an 'everyday guy who isn't above it all, who appreciates his fans and never thought he would get such attention.' Well, he hired CC and his company and he has the power to demand that CC treat people as people, not Lee Harvey Oswald types. And as I said, there were actual uniformed police officers there. dealing with crowd/pedestrian/street control.
GG is right that he uses CC and company as errand boys. One retired or former cop who was responsible for driving Daniel away during part of the run told me that DC never drives - that 'he just calls one of us because it's easier.' I told him that I know he has a place upstate and that he must drive there, and he said, yeah, he does. Bottom line - I get a security guard for events, but it's CC's look and attitude that make both him and DC seem all too important. I would have been embarrassed if I had been DC to hear how CC spoke to some people - just fans. At the after party, where Daniel knew everyone or at least everyone was vetted, entrance by invitation only, I could always find where DC was because CC stood guard no more than a foot away. DC condones it, and it makes no sense to me. There, at least, CC didn't look at everyone as though they were a criminal. I get the insurance thing. Nothing can happen to the golden boy, but nothing can change my mind that it's a turn off. CC is way too full of himself which reflects poorly on Daniel, IMO.

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:13 am
by Dunda
I remember a scene at the stage door in 2009 before Daniel entered the theater.
At that time it was silver fox who always seemed to be more at ease.
But he was just as resolute on that day when only 4 or 5 people were standing there. He got quite rude towards an older man and I could understand that. There are some people who don’t hold there distance and get quite intrusive.
I have no problems with the body guards at all, because there are people out there who want to touch and not only to look and I can’t blame anybody to want to avert this.

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:47 am
by sf2la
Dunda, I'm not saying a BG shouldn't have been with DC; it's the bodyguard's actions that I find puzzling and offensive - that is, unless DC has death threats against him. There were physical barriers set up after the play each night and A LOT of Security presence. It was not just DC and CC against these nasty crowds. Lol. And DC condones the actions. But really, whatever. It doesn't really matter to any of us.

Betrayal Bye Bye

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:54 pm
I remember that incident too Dunda. It was the Sunday lunch time we had met at Juniors for lunch - me, you, Elaine and Togal and we had gone along to see if could see Daniel arrive, which he did about 2 minutes after we got there. There was an elderly gentleman who just would not take no for an answer and I remember Silver Fox getting quite nasty with him.

I understand the need for Daniel to have a BG as I would not want Daniel to be harmed in any way and I think CC attitude is probably "not on my watch"

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:17 pm
by Alina
caramel wrote:
Yeah I want to see his acting on stage and all that but lets be real here.....I am bummed that I couldn't see my fav couple make out .. ;) :lol:
Exactly! I got all "warmed up" just reading SF's report, it was really well-written, very graphic and vivid :) Now, I can only imagine what would have been going on inside me if I had been sitting in the auditorium :twisted:
PAMELA BRAMMER wrote: I understand the need for Daniel to have a BG as I would not want Daniel to be harmed in any way and I think CC attitude is probably "not on my watch"
I absolutely agree! Better safe than sorry, you know. The most important thing is that Daniel should be safe and cc seems determined to ensure that.