Statements from other fans

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Statements from other fans

Post by Germangirl » Mon Jun 25, 2007 5:50 am

Since I am off this week and have some more time at my hands - sorry if I get carried away a bit, but here we go..

What`s interesting about this man is that even in his most „unattractive“ moments, he`s still AMAZINGLY ATTRACTIVE

I love the way eventhough he is doing nothing, he still mesmerizes you and keeps you staring for hours.

There`s something that emanates from him that`s intangible. And it makes everything about him – his looks, his voice, his movements – mesmerizing. Whatever “it” is, he`s got it. In spades.

He`s effortlessly stylish and sexy. He doesn`t have to try. If you need proof, just look at what he does for a plain ole t-shirt. That`s pure sexy, baby.

A blue-eyed blonde Bond is right up my alley. I liked him the first time I saw him and am glad the producers chose this off-beat but gorgeous guy for the latest Martini-sipper.

I love the fact, first and foremost, that Dan is FEARLESS in front of the camera. Whatever script you throw at this man, you will be guaranteed a superb performance, that itself is the sexiest thing alive. I agree with you all, that there is something about Dan that exudes this total manliness that totally, I say, TOTALLY blows you away. Have never seen a man exude that kind of animal magnetism without even trying. I think he is a sweety in real life and that I thinkderserves the utmost respect. Whatever we all find attractive about him, I think we all agree that it is the fact that he seems to be an all round down to earth normal bloke, that happens to be famous and hates the fact that he has to bear his soul sometimes.

The movie-going public has so overwhelmingly embraced all this that the new perception of what makes a great Bond movie isn`t laser beams and quips, but what the hell is going on behind DC`s steely blue eyes.

I don`t know what it is about the man either that gets me. On paper, blonde, blue eyed gueys usually don´t do it for me, so I have decided that Dan´s appeal goes beyond the physical. It`s the soul beyond the eyes that has the ability to infuse every character he plys with life. Into someone we can care about. Its his fragility and humanity combined with an inner strength of a man who knows who he is, which is rare. All of these characteristics make him one of the very genuine “men” on screen we get to admire. That`s why I as a sceptical bond fan walking into the cinema walked out not only converted but felt, I had just seen one of the most charismatic men I ever clapped eyes on.

Least good looking?????? But MOST charismatic, MOST sexually attractive, MOST manly, MOST gorgeous and the ONLY Bond (barr Sir Sean) who I think can command women and insist that they fall at his feet.
Imagine Dan doing that. Haha

If not for his great performance, he should be recognized for turning scepticism and hate into acceptance and love.

I found it quite interesting lately that everywhere, every single woman type mag, like Marie Claire, Glamour etc. has described DC`s sex appeal in ludicrulous salacious terms. They all say “I want to **** him”, sexiest man alive, makes all other men look lacking etc. It`s been interesting indeed to compare with all the comments earlier about him being too ugly. I think it`s quite obvious he`s conquered the female market in an entirely different way to Brosnan. While people generally accept Brosnan as a handsome man, I don´t remember anyone going wild about or even commenting on his sex appeal on his cinema or DVD releases. I`ve always seen the appeal of the more rugged type of man and it seems DC is in the right place at the right time.

I gotta agree that it is fun to see what people were saying before CR came out. Everyone said he is ugly and now he has a much stronger female following that Brosnan ever dreamed of. My wife thinks he will be the next People Magazine`s “sexiest man alive”

He could have nailed the part with his Layer Cake body, scored big with Munich makeover. But buffing up still more for CR was a brilliant strategical move that made him all the more convincing as Bond and turned him into a planetary sex god. No pun intended, considering the whole package is what makes him a great…Actor.

Actually I was referring to Ds body language as Bond, which felt distinct from the other characters I`ve seen him play. Although I haven`t been atheletically inclined for years, I do know that when you`re in top ohysical condition, it changes the way you carry yourself, both physically and emotionally. Anybody THAT fit doesn`t have to throw their weight around d to show it … they know it in their bones and are so completely casual about it, that you only notice them because they don´r rveal the normal kind of baggage most people can`t hide. So, weirdly, it makes that type of person less noticeable. Well, until they take their clothes off.

And, you know, if Craig were a writer, he`d be one of the handful pribces who do autographings at the independent bookstores, who`d supported him on the way up.

In DC`s performance, I find plenty of presence in his eyes and face. Of course, it`s all pretty subjective, but I consider him pretty darn charismatic. Although I`ll qualify that ba saying, I feel he`s a charismatic actor, rather than a charismatic movie star.
He`s a man who is very comfortable with his body, no matter what shape it is in and that`s actually pretty rare. I think he`s had an enourmous anount of fun with the way he looks now, and he knows exactly what it does to those of us who are susceptible.
Although he will honour his commitment as Bond, one also feels he could wald away from it if it wasn`t right and I do think you`d have to be dead to not appreciate that he looks really, really good. DC is a chameleon.

He moves from being assured and confident to self-counscious, shy and vulnerable. The combination is a killer. Sure is.

It`s strange, but watching Daniel (in the lion`s den of celebrity) is goint to be more interesting than any movie. I think all the bad press he got at the beginning intriqued me and then, when he rose above it so maturely and proved everybody so wrong with is amazing performance, it was an inspiration I could apply to in my own life. I hope he withstands the tabloid onslaught and finds a way to navigate it with the same intelligence and grace he`s shown in the past. I wish him luck, because he just seems like such an interesting and special person. He played a superb Bond but it seems to me he was drawing on himself for inspiration.

Look at him, he`s the one man band. He casn do it all. Craig is a far better actor, IMO and a very elegant man – love his suite and vests and he seems a smart man. Now that is hot for me, that this man has brains and talent and looks.

The critics say, he can do anything, can suggest everything with just an expression on his face.

Most Bond fans disagree with you. Craig has more charisma and charm in his little finger than Brosnan had in his whole body.

FREAKING FATASTIC! There was only one aspect of the film that felt like a stumble to me, and I realized later that I was 100% wrong. The part was the process of Bond falling in love. Watching him declare what I did feel perfectly honest feelings, he somehow seemed…just a little bit off. As the story finished unfolding, though, I realized that this was a deliberate choice. The ever-so-slightly-frantic tone he speaks the words in, the nervousness in his eyes, like he isn`t quite sure he believes what he is saying. I realized at the end that his feelings, although he was really feeling them, were not love; they were the last gasp of his humanity, as it tried to reach out and assert control one last time before being fully compartentalized in order for him to do his job effectively. The truest moment in the movie is when he talks about getting out with whatever soul he has left, and his pleading eyes when he asks her “Isw it enough?”. He knows it isn´t, and he knows he will never be able to really have what he is reaching out for in those moments, but he absolutely must reach out for it, and he must fail, so that he can put away that part of himself and go do his job.
WOW – written by a man.

And last but not least, SC himself. How does he rate? In one word. BRILLIANT! He barges his way right through the movie. Maximus-Gladiator style. Relentless, ruthless, violent, vulnerable and believable. Again, he surpassed what I expected of him. This guy is actually better (yes better) than the big man, Sean Connery, himself. I never thought I would say that, but it`s true. Craig makes every other Bond actor look weak in comparison and we all know what a hard act they are to follow, but somehow he pulled it off.

I am afraid the world`s sexiest man is not open to debate. In fact Daniel is so sexy he`s numbers 1 to 11.

I liked him before Bond, thought he was a very good actor, but really ugly. Then I grew eyes.

He`s every inch a male the way the Goddess made him. She sprinkled stardust in his hair and golden starlight in his eyes so blue.

Now this is a nice quote to end it
The top notch acting in the Weisz/Craig/Spall 'Betrayal' is emotionally true, often v funny and its beautifully staged with filmic qualities..


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Post by Dunda » Mon Jun 25, 2007 3:32 pm

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

No more to say!

I love the last quote:
"He`s every inch a male the way the Goddess made him. She sprinkled stardust in his hair and golden starlight in his eyes so blue."

So true, DC is the last evidence, God is female!

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Post by sigl » Mon Jun 25, 2007 3:58 pm

Thanks, Germangirl! that was a great read!! Great way to start my morning... \:D/ \:D/ =D> =D> :lol: :lol:

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Post by 007cheese » Mon Jun 25, 2007 4:17 pm

Thanks for that list! I'm waiting on a casting email from the director of my school show (as I think I've said before, I'm one of 13 people up for 4 leads) and I needed something to cool down. That helped.
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Post by sharmaine » Mon Jun 25, 2007 5:32 pm

Holy smokes, GG....that was something else.

Thank you for laying your heart on your sleeve and describing in such detail how this man affects all of us. I can easily reiterate the same. Sometimes I am filled with enough words to write a novel and at other times, cannot find enough words to express the myriad of feelings I have for him. I deny that I love him but my devotion are both ridiculous and sublime.

"I'm so glad that you say it is love, as my love has been as constant as the stars"....(Jeremy Irons (Earl of Lester) to Helen Mirren (Queen Elizabeth I) in his death scene)

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