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The Natural

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Paul Newman said his epitaph would read, 'Here lies Paul Newman, who died a failure because his eyes tured brown'. A glance from Daniel Craig's piercing baby blues and you see his point. They may also help explain how the straight-talking 35 year old has become Hollywood's right-hand man, playing opposite Paul Newman (funnily enough) in Road To Perdition and Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. He's also a stalwart of Brit Flicks such as Roger Mitchell's The Mother and the upcoming Layer Cake (the directorial debut from Matthew Lock, Stock Vaughn) and Enduring Love (with Samantha Morton and Rhys Ifans). And, of course, he will be co-starring with Gwyneth Paltrow in Sylvia. Craig lives with his girlfriend of six years, actress Heike (Love Actually) Makatsch.

Is it true that when you were born, the midwife wrapped you up in The Guardian before handing you to your mother?
Yes. I was born at home and midwifes used to lay newspaper down because it prints at such high temperatures that it's actually a sterile surface. It's the same principle as fish and chips.

Born into a broadsheet - kind of appropriate for your role as Ted Hughes in Sylvia
Except in that case perhaps I should lie in interviews and say it was The Times Literary Supplement.

So 'fess up, how much of Ted Hughes's and Sylvia Plath's poetry had you read before you took the part?
I've read Hughes for as long as I can remember. Sylvia's a different matter.

More for teenage girls than Liverpool FC-supporting actor boys?
Yes, the whole Bell Jar thing is hard feminist stuff.

Written any sonnets yourself>
Yes - the sort of stuff you write when you get back from the pub. Pages of 'what's life all about?' bollocks.

A lot of people think Hughes was responsible for Plath's suicide. What did you and Gwyneth feel about that?
We ended up believing that they were very much in love and and amazing couple. They must've been something else to be with.

Did you watch them film the suicide scene? (aged 31, Plath put her head in the gas oven)
No, I wasn't there, but I heard it was horrendous. The kids who were playing our kids wouldn't go back on set afterwards - it freaked them out. We tried our best not to let the material affect them, but they're probably in therapy now and will pummel my knees if they see me in the street.

Hughes was a carpenter's son from Yorkshire and you're a merchant seaman's son from Merseyside. Common-ish ground alert?
Yes. I can relate to that male thing of not being able to look to others for help or 'talk about yourself'. The UK is not an island of therapy - Jung and Freud passed us by. I also relate to how tough it is for two artists - be it poet or actors - to have a relationship. There's pressure if both parties do the same thing: ambition can corrode.

On a brighter, shallower note, did you dig Hughes' fashion sense>
Yes, thin black ties and big, dark overcoats. If you look at phtographs, he's always posing - there's an Elvis thing going on. You can see the ego - scowling like James Dean.

And your own style?
Well, try to get me in leather on a shoot and I'm like 'No! Dress me like I dress'. But I like a bit of a label flutter. Once you start making money, you start shopping posh - though I get guilty when I spend a lot. My mother says, 'if you've got a bit of Jean Muir in your wardrobe, it should last for ever.' So I go and buy myself a Dries Van Noten jacket thinking, 'I'll have this for life.' Then it lies trampled on the bedroom floor.

Now you work in Hollywood, are you tempted to buy a high-security compound in Malibu and run for governor?
Not at all. I have ambitions about working with people in America so it would help to live in LA, but the UK is home.

So you don't mind shooting your new film, Layer Cake, on Brentwood High Street?
Ah, lovely Brentwood - it's coming up in the world...

Did director Matthew Vaughn's wife, Claudia Schiffer, come on set and make you a cuppa?
No, but she came to say hello.

And how was shooting?
Well, I had to hang off a 40-storey building - one of the new blocks in Canray Wharf. I felt like David Blaine. I was expecting to get pelted with eggs and a burger van to park underneath next to a bloke playing bongos.

Was that the scariest thing you've ever had to do?
Running naked down Goldhawk Road for Some Voices was the hardest/ I had a bottle of brandy and was slurping it back beforehand. But no one gave me a second glance. Like a naked man running down the street happens everyday in Shepherds Bush. Probably does.

Were you worried about your mum seeing your recent film, The Mother, where you make whoopie with a 65-year-old granny?
I let Mum go and see that with her mates. Y'Know, 'That's my boy.'

What attracted you to the film?
It raised relevant taboos. Because healthcare's better, people live longer, so there are all these people in their 70s who want to have sex. I mean, I'm going to want to have sex right until the very end, thank you very much.

So what's the taboo in your other new film, Enduring Love?
I play a sociology lecturer who believes love is a genetic instinct - biology tricking us into having a fuck and making more genes.

Do you think that's true?
I think there's a great possibility love is just impulse. That doesn't mean it's meaningless, but we're just organisms who share genes with the slug outside. It's depressing once you get into that

So all your female fans are just tricked by their genes?
My Female fan base frightens me. I just imagine there's this room somewhere called 'Daniel's Female Fan Base'.

There is - it's on the internet. They write poems about you.
Well there you go - proof that you can't find anything of any use on the internet.

Did you enjoy having your photo taken by Helena Christensen for ELLE's 18th Birthday issue in October
They were quite nice pictures, yes. But can I just say that I didn't get my cock out like Michael Stripe did.

Craig's Faves

Fave film? Lukas Moodysson's Together.
Last book you read? That Old Ace In The Hole by Annie Proux.
Morning or night? If I'm up at 7am in the morning for work, I often think, 'This is nice' closely followed by 'Weirdo'.
Veggie or carnivore? Carnivore.
Last CD you bought? The Darkness. Fantastic, old-fashioned glam rock.