The Golden Compass Movie Review

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The Golden Compass Movie Review

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I don't know if anybody is aware but there are screenings for critics today in London, I believe. Therefore reviews of TGC will probably start appearing soon, most noticeably the two fansites and have people attending and will be posting reviews of the movie on their websites. Stay tuned. :P

Edit: I can further add that Daniel will attend the Round Table Discussion Monday along with Dakota Blue Richards, Eva Green, Sam Elliot and Deborah Forte. Tuesday he'll attend the press conference with the same people and they will be joined by Nicole Kidman. Afterwards, there will be a technical print conference, with Ruth Meyers (Costume design), Alexander Desplat (Composer), Mike Fink (Visual Effects Supivisor) and Deborah Forte (producer). And in the evening, there will be the After Premier Party.
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